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Category Archives: Gadgets

I remember watching the film Aliens a while back and watching Bishop the android pilot a Dropship using a laptop. And thinking to myself that I needed a gadget like that. Not that I had a Dropship parked outside my house. But if I had that device and someone needed me to pilot in a Dropship, well, I could.

I remember that Spengler in the film Ghostbusters had a calculator that was attached to his clothing and that seemed cool to me. Not that I remember what he actually did with the calculator. Not that I know what I would do with that calculator, but I’d do something.

It’s 2010. And you’d think that with a year that reads like that, you could pick up the ultimate PDA (or smartphone as they are all called these days).

Looking back through my past gadgets and my best device was the O2 XDA. Why?

Well, here’s a list of the reasons why I liked my Windows powered XDA:

XDA – Your best bits

  • Reasonably decent keyboard
  • Decent sized screen
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Cut and Paste
  • Terminal Services Client

The last item was the fun bit for me. With Terminal Services Client, you could remotely control servers. OK a server is not a Dropship but the fascination was the same for me. I could use remotely and wirelessly control my servers. The resolution of the XDA’s screen made working with a server hard work but I didn’t care.

Following on from iOS4 and Android, Microsoft is planning a comeback with Windows Mobile 7

Apple must have thought about producing an iPhone with a keyboard. And right throughout the long wait for what would eventually be iPhone 4, I hoped that they’d do a version with a keyboard. Alas, and as you know, they didn’t. And so I think they missed out on doing a really special business device. Because the iPhone 4 has it all, and all of XDA’s best bits – except for a decent keyboard. Apple’s soft keyboard is pretty good – I like it – but in landscape mode where the keyboard is at its most useable, you lose over half the screen.

Windows Mobile 7

So, I’m pinning my hopes on Windows Mobile 7. From what I’ve read, it’s going to be quite special and very useable. It won’t have Terminal Services Client (or Remote Desktop Connection as it’s now more commonly called), but maybe someone’ll write an app for that. And I know that devices will arrive with a keyboard.

But I’m reading that there’s no cut and paste! Even though there will be Word, Excel and Outlook. Now that is a mistake. One I hope that they’ll correct before they finally launch it later on this year. I can’t invest in a device that might have me memorize a something on the Internet and then switch to Word to type up what I remembered, and then switch back to the Internet to pick up a bit more and then return to Word to correct what I got wrong and then forget what I should have typed next and then…