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Bought a Draytek Vigor 2820 to take advantage of its ability to accept two ADSL connections and Load-Balance between the two. Additionally, if one ADSL line went down, the 2820 provide seemless failover to the other ADSL service without me having to run around and change network settings or adjust any DHCP servers.  

But I couldn’t get the 2820 to work with the second ADSL connection – where you plug your second router into the front of the 2820!  

Turns out that if you disabled DHCP on that second router then it does not work at all well. I disabled mine because I have other DHCP servers that dole stuff out.  

The ‘fix’ then is to enable DHCP on that second router – set it to give out just one IP address. Then the 2820 will gratefully accept the IP address it’s given and then WAN2 starts to work!  

One way to configure it

One way to configure it


The 2820 works very well, by the way. I was playing a video off the BBC news website and then I pulled my ‘active’ ADSL cable from the socket. There was then just a brief hiccup and then the video continued to play!



  1. Thanks sooo much for providing this information. You saved my life!

    • 🙂
      Glad I could help!

  2. excuse my ignorance, but how do I configure the WAN2 port? The router connected to WAN2 already has my ISP login information, DO I need to enter it again in the PPPoE section or do I just put my router’s IP in the Static or Dynamic section??

    any help will be much appreciated

    • Hi Gary, I have mine configured like:
      1. Select “WAN\Internet Access”

      2. Choose WAN2

      3. Leave PPPoE and PPTP/L2TP set at Disabled.

      4. Enable Static or Dynamic IP.

      5. In “WAN IP Network Settings”, enable “Obtain an IP address automatically”.
      No need for the Router or Domain name to be filled in.
      With this setting, the router on WAN2 will supply the Draytek with an IP address. I set my WAN2 router so that it does DHCP.

      6. Lastly, set the DNS server IP addresses to those used by your secondary ISP.

      And hopefully that will help you!

      Good luck.


  3. How about the MAC address do I need to enter the one the ISP gave me for the WAN2 modem?

  4. Do you mean add the additional dns IP addresses to your dns settings on your server? So with the 2 ADSL lines you would have 4 dns addresses? Great tut thanks although my load balancing isnt working 😦

  5. I have something similar and Googling found this trick for a Netgear router: go to This brings up a web page that lets you use the Router as a Modem and the ISP login details go into the Vigor. I’d like to try it but I only have a remote access connection and I’ll lose it if I try.
    Anybody else tried?

  6. hello
    I need help
    I have a dray tek 2820Vn router and have not set up for wifi

    alone and could set wan1
    I can not configure WAN2

    I welcome your comments

  7. Hello,
    Here is the right solution for this problem.
    It’s not necessary to enable DHCP.

    • You are right. It’s not necessary for a straight-forward network. However, it is for the network type I describe in my article.

  8. This website certainly has all of the info I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  9. hi
    I have the same problem and have followed all the steps listed here
    But, unfortunately, has not been activated wan2

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